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Dec 26, 2011 6:00pm EST
that everything old is new again. dick crantz, fox 5 news. >>> coming up next, another deadly day in syria as arab league monitors arrived in the country to help restore the peace. we have the latest next. gary? >>> great day today. changes for tomorrow. rrow.  >>> in florida, three people were killed in a helicopter crash. a mayo clinic heart surgeon and technician were on their way to gainesville to pick up a heart when the chopper went down. the pilot was killed in the crash. there is no word what caused it to go down. >>> to syria, the arab league is getting involved in the deadly uprising. 23 more deaths were reported from intense shelling at the center of the country. hundreds of arab league monitors are arriving to help restore the peace. help land vitter has the latest. >> reporter: more deaths are being reported as the violence intensifies in syria. the arab league says the turmoil has gone on far too long and special teams are being sent in to help prevent further bloodshed. >> our role and the role of the arab league is to help the sir ran government get out of the crisis. >> report
Dec 12, 2011 6:00pm EST
this is the middle east and the u.s. and iraq are finding interests don't line up. >> both iran and syria are major points of contention. already there is concern iraq has not called for the step down of the syrian president and they are also being more in satellite line of iran two big concern it is president said tonight though the primary concern of the iraqi government right now are the iraqi people. >> as the iraq war winds down more and more troops are returning home families are being reunited with loved ones. >> you miss me? >> yeah. >> are you staying home? >> yep i am home for good. >> yay. >> today there was a special home coming surprise in stafford army national guard member surprised his two sons, dillon and kyle webster was one of several hundred national guard members who returned to the national guard armoury this morning the troops ended an 8 month tour of duty in iraq and glad to be home. >> great coming home you have been away so long and you know all you thing about is your family and friends it is great to be back. all i want to do is hang out with them now just relax. >> plen
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2